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HTCA is an interactive web-based healthy human single-cell transcriptome landscape, containing 19 adult tissues and their matching fetal tissues, demonstrating diverse and in-depth transcriptomics profiles of all cell types across tissues. HTCA is also a single-cell splicing variant atlas hosting isoform expression profiles of 16 adult and fetal tissues. At the same time, HTCA serves as a multi-omics single-cell atlas containing phenotypic profiles of 11 adult and fetal tissues from spatial transcriptomics and 27 adult and fetal tissues from single-cell ATAC-sequencing data.

HTCatlas provides 9 online analysis tools for users to carry out major steps in a typical single-cell RNA-sequencing analysis, including parameter-adjustable quality control, data imputation, dimension reduction, unsupervised clustering, statistical tests to identify DE genes in each cluster, automated cell type annotation steps, cell-cell communication analysis, etc. All intermediate files and images in editable PDF format can be downloaded.

By providing a quick and easy exploration on the human transcriptome profiles, HTCatlas aims to facilitate researchers around the world with valuable insights to multi-omics profiles of cell types across tissues from both the fetal and adult populations. At the same time, the extensive analyses features of the atlas could serve as a quick and easy solution for researchers to quickly identify the phenotypic features in their own single cell data.

As this is an on-going project, more tissues, omics, and features will be added to the atlas.

If you are using HTCA, please cite:

Lu Pan, Shaobo Shan, Roman Tremmel, Weiyuan Li, Zehuan Liao, Hangyu Shi, Qishuang Chen, Xiaolu Zhang, Xuexin Li, HTCA: a database with an in-depth characterization of the single-cell human transcriptome, Nucleic Acids Research, 2022;, gkac791,

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